There is so much to do for any and everyone! Our ministries provide great opportunities for fellowship, community outreach, and learning and growing in our Christian walk. Have a look, we are sure there is something that will interest you!

Route 22:6 Kid’s Club

A noncompetitive, Christ-centered ministry that encourages children to build healthy relationships with each other, adults and–most importantly–with our Savior, Jesus Christ. This program is designed for ages K-12.

Chosen Youth

We exist to equip young people to develop a deeper relationship with Christ, encourage uplifting relationships with other Christians, and empower life changing relationships with non-believers. Our Chosen Youth ministry is designed for ages 12-18 and is led by Brett and Heather Weaver.

Home Builders

Our Home Builders ministry is for those in the “home building” stage of life. From newlyweds to families with new babies, to families that are sending their kids off to school (preschool or college!) , you will find them here. Most of the people in this class are between 20 and 50 years of age.  The Home Builders Sunday school class is taught by Tom West.

Young at Heart

The Young at Heart ministry is for anyone in our church over 50. This ministry believes that age really is just a number! The Young at Heart group gets together regularly to fellowship and edify one another. The Young at Heart Sunday school class is taught by Mike Tomblin.

Women Active for Christ (WAC)

WAC is committed to our church, our community, our missionaries, and each other. The WAC ladies put together dinners to raise money, collect food and household goods for our missionaries and the community, as well as participate in annual retreats for some good old fellowship and R & R. The ladies meet every 2nd Sunday of the month to do devotionals, pray, plan events and fellowship. We would love to have you join us!